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Questions I often get Asked

I love being asked questions by potential clients, clients I'm working with and really anyone!  Please don't take this list as exhaustive - I look forward to answering any and all burning questions when we meet for a cuppa.

What is a Doula?

You can google the 'typical' answer quite easily. For me, a Doula is a chameleon. They are protectors of a women's space. They are flapjack baking masters. They are hip-squeezing, massage wielding queens. They are amazing at listening, truly and completely listening. They empower women to enter childbirth with strength and wisdom. They are guardians of a women's right to have informed, compassionate care.

How do you know which Doula to hire?

I truly believe that there is a Doula out there for every pregnant mother. Although all Doulas are cut from the same cloth, we are formed into an infinite variety of shapes. I would really encourage you to reach out to several local Doulas to get a sense of who they are as a woman, and if you 'click' with them. And then, go with your gut.

And if you're a list person, Doula UK has a great list of questions to ask.

Are Doulas just for homebirthers and hippies?

Most definitely, NO! Doulas support all births and all mothers, regardless of her birth choices. Doulas can help ease the transition from home to hospital, and can help create the right atmosphere in hospital to keep your labour going. Doulas can help empower you & your birth partner to ask questions during tricky situations. Doulas can help connect you to your inner voice so that you can make informed birthing choices that are right for you, your family and your situation. So whether you're planning an elective cesarean section or homebirth, choosing to bottle feed or breastfeed, a doula will support all of your choices.

Don't Doulas take the place of the father / partner?

Most certainly, NO! Doulas are there to support the mother, her partner and her family to support her. Dads often report feeling more involved and connected when a Doula is present. The Doula's calming presence can spread to the partner so that he or she can focus on providing her the love she requires.

If you still need more convincing, can I suggest you look at my testimonials section, one of which was written by an amazing partner who feels that the felt MORE involved because I was there to support the couple.

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