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My main goal is for you to feel supported and nurtured during this exciting time. What that looks like is different for each mother, but it usually involves exploring your birth options, connecting you with targeted information, and most of all listening to you, REALLY listening to you. I can help guide you in thinking through your birth choices and can assist you in making informed decisions tailored to your circumstances.

I support women birthing within an hour's drive of Oundle, which includes those birthing at Peterborough City Hospital, Kettering Hospital, Hichingbrooke Hospital (Parks Maternity) or Northampton General Hospital. I also love supporting women who have chosen a home birth in the surrounding areas.


Antenatal Visits


Once you decide that I'm the right Doula for you, I would love to meet at least two times prior to your birth. I think this time is vital for getting to know one another, and to talk through your plans for this birth. I am always available to contact by phone/email to talk through any worries or feelings you may be having.  I can help connect you with information, groups and classes that may help you on your journey.


Birth Support


I will go on call from 38 weeks (can be adjusted based on your specific situation) and will join you whenever you feel that you may need my support. I will provide emotional as well as practical support throughout. When your baby is born, I can take a step back and allow you to savor the precious first hour together. When you are ready, I can support you in your first feed, however you are choosing to feed your baby.


Postnatal Support


After you have birthed this amazing baby, I love to visit. Firstly to give you a massive hug and offer my heartfelt congratulations on a job well done! And secondly to talk through your birth experience and for me to answer any questions you may have. And last but not least, leave a tray of fudgy American brownies. Because every new mother runs on chocolate.

Doula Services: Services


I firmly believe that no woman who wants or needs a Doula should be put off by the fees.  

For those who are fortunate to be able to afford my full fee, doing so allows me to offer my services to those who may not otherwise be able to. If cost is an issue, I'm happy to accept installments over several months or look at alternative funding such as through Doula UK's Access Fund or Doula UK Gift Vouchers.

The first 40 miles round-trip are included in the fees below.  Any additional mileage will be charged at £0.45 / mile.

Solo Birth Doula

Are you looking for continuity of support throughout your journey? Are you excited, anxious, apprehensive, or all three?  The first step for you to know if I'm the right Doula for you is a free no-obligation chat at a time and place to suit you. 

Once you decide I am the Doula for you, I will support you from the time you book through to six-weeks after your baby has arrived.  We will meet at least four times during our journey: twice whilst you're pregnant, for your labour itself and then at least once after your birth.  I will take my lead for you.  If you'd like to meet a few more times to answer more questions, accompany you to appointments or to provide practical support I'm happy to do so.  I will walk with you for as little or as much of the journey as you'd like.  

The price for my solo birth package is £1800.

Shared Care Doula

If I am not available for the entirety of your 'on-call month', we may still be able to work together in a shared care partnership. Supporting clients with shared care can be an extremely rewarding experience for both mother and Doulas. I have formed close relationships with several local Doulas and am happy to recommend a few with whom I think you may connect with.  Or perhaps you're deciding between two doulas, but can't narrow it down.  Why choose?  If you choose the support of two doulas, we will both attend all ante and post natal meetings, and you will be given an on-call rota so you know who to ring when you go into labour. If we are both available, we will both attend your birth to provide you and your partner with extra support.

For this enhanced package, we charge £2000.

Oh Flip!?! Emergency Doula Support

Sometimes life throws us curve balls.  Perhaps you had thought about hiring a Doula, but hadn't gotten around to interviewing and choosing one.  Perhaps you had planned to have another birth partner, who is now not available or a great fit.  Or perhaps your circumstances have changed, and the birth you had imagined is now being challenged or changed.  If you find yourself in any of the above situations, and think that you need a Doula right now (be it 2 weeks before birth or actually DURING the birth), please do get in touch.  If I am able to put my life on hold for you & your birth, I will.  If possible, I will try and meet you at least once to talk through your plans, and to ensure we're both on the same page.  But if a meeting isn't possible, no worries.  Please do get in touch.  

The price for this service is as for the solo care - £1800.​

Doula Services: Certifications
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