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Warm Welcome

A very warm welcome to Meg the Doula.  I often think of pregnancy and birth as a journey - it may be a well trodden path for you or it may be full of unknowns.  It may have twists and turns or it may be a straight line.  I provide pregnancy and birth doula services, walking beside you, providing emotional and practical support throughout.  As a Peterborough birth doula, I support you, your partner, and your family.  I look forward to connecting with you to learn how I can best support you.

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"A woman, for as long as she lives, will remember how she was made to feel at her birth"

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What are you looking for?

Perhaps you've stumbled in not knowing what a doula is, or birth doula services are.  Perhaps you're completely clear on what a doula is, and are ready to get in touch.  Either way, I invite you look around, explore these pages and most importantly, get in touch.

I am a full spectrum Doula, offering support for women and people throughout their journey.  For some, this may culminate in a joyous birth.  For others, this may end in challenging situations.  Either way, I will be with you, beside you.

I choose to spend time and energy volunteering with some amazing local organizations in Peterborough and beyond.  Not only do I benefit from the experience, my clients benefit from my increased knowledge and networks.

Are you a data driven person?  Or just someone who needs to read something to believe it?  You're not alone.  Evidence Based Birth is one of my favourite websites for all things birth and data related.  They've done an excellent article on the evidence and science behind why professional birth support matters. 

I get asked lots of questions as a doula.  What are your top questions you have at the tip of your tongue right now?  Whether they're on waterbirth, vbac, homebirth, elective cesarean or anthing else, please get in touch so we can talk more.  You can also take a look at my FAQ page to see if they're there.

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